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A Flourishing Future
Mindfulness and positive psychology activities for young people that elevate, inspire and empower.

Michael Bready

Positive Psychology Consultancy
What is the value proposition of positive psychology in the real world? What type of consultancy requests can we reasonably come across as positive psychology professionals?

Dr Ilona Boniwell

An Adventure through the Best of Positive Psychology: Pursuing the Sacred by Integrating Mindfulness, Meaning, Character Strengths, and Spirituality in Everyday Life and Practice.

Itai Ivtzan
Ryan M. Niemiec

“Frontiers of Positive Psychology in 21st Century Education”
Exploring Science and Practice-Based Opportunities.

IPPA'S Education Division

Survival of the fittest:
Fostering change readiness through the CRUX intervention.

Lisa Vivoll Straume
Håkon Tveiterås
Christine Storo Bischoff

Making Mindfulness Relevant and Accessible in the 21st Century to All Ages. 

Sarah Silverton

Crafting Better Work
The science and practice of making work happier, healthier and more purposeful.

Rob Baker
Machteld van den Heuvel

Experience mapping: 
Discovering the power of places in the promotion of well-being.

Tamás Martos
Viola Sallay

“Meaning and the Appointment in Samarra”
“The meaning of human existence is based upon its irreversible quality.
An individual’s responsibility in
life must therefore be understood in terms of temporality and singularity” (Viktor Frankl).

Michael F. Steiger
Pninit Russo-Netzer

Applying Positive Psychology in the Workplace
Positive psychology research has many applications in the workplace but it isn’t always easy. In this workshop Vanessa King will help you explore the business case, ideas for putting the research into action and the practicalities of doing so.

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